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i luv it stone

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16 hours ago
Anonymous said : Is there any you would date in your grade? 


Anonymous said : reza can i are you a police officer with you??? 

wh at

ec1gg said : Reza let's have a Halloween Party 

ooo so down jack!

cosmicraver98 said : Reza can I eat a banana with you? 

of course ethan!! ^(*\/*)^

liltwerpbret said : rezdawg can I skate w u 

ya of course bret <33

Anonymous said : Do you think anyone is cute enought to date at your school? 


brotherchriss said : Can I skate with you?? You seem rly nice n cute ;-P 

hahaha of course u can skate with me chris i luv u

2 days ago
2 days ago
drywallie said : if u r going to woodward this summer what week? cause I might go and maybe we could sk8 :-) 

not sure what week yet, but i’ll let you know soon!